Is your parenting strategy based on the following?

  • You’re not racist.  
  • You don't live in a racist community.
  • Your parents and friends accept your partner and your mixed-race relationship.
  • You can talk openly about racialized issues with your partner. 
  • You are willing to defend your children.
  • You focus on strengths and minimize differences.

Are You Parenting Colorblind & Hoping For The Best?

Emergent Issues

How Ready Are You?

  • What is Black identity?
  • What is White identity?
  • Raising children with different racial appearances.
  • White passing.
  • Colorism.
  • Understanding postcolonialism and its impact on cultural trauma and collective identity.
  • Navigating institutions and social bias that affects family members differently.

How Do You Prepare a Child For Challenges You Have Never Faced?

While every parent faces this predicament to some degree, raising children who may have a different racial appearance or race designation than your own and from their siblings presents some unique challenges.  Traditional sources of information regarding race issues may fall short because they tend to cater to monocultural dimensions of race and are discussed within a Black and White binary framework.

Navigating racial discourse is challenging enough in 2021 with many individuals living in fear of making a mistake, creating offense or incurring the wrath of cancel culture. Many parents of mixed-race children face these fears, in addition to a deep seated need to protect and educate their children.  Others are simply blindsided when the unexpected emerges in the form of unprocessed bias or cultural shifts.

Raising Mixed-Race Children is a "hands-on" experiential workshop that guides you through

a framework that will support your kids' identities and help you develop a deeper understanding of the issues they face in today's changing racial climate.


  • Identify common and contemporary issues regarding racism and/or oppression of minorities.
  • Receive  support and accountability including a follow-up Q & A days after the workshop.

  • Engage  in relevant discussion related to authenticity, privilege, intersectionality and colorism to help your children navigate their space as they mature into adulthood.  

  • Gain confidence initiating conversations and responding to your children's questions about race to foster a sense of belonging and inclusion.  

  • Distinguish  nuanced experiences that counter  typical Black/White binary racial discourse. 

Here's How It Works

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Interactive & Experiential

This workshop is not a "how-to" passive lecture. It is experiential and interactive meaning that you will be invited to process and share your insights and queries with your host and other participants in the workshop and in a follow-up Q & A session after you've had some time to reflect on the information provided.  

Online Community Support

We're in it together, right?  You're invited to build your anti-racism acumen in an online community devoted to anti-oppression, identity, self-care and social change.  (Yes, that's a bunch, but they're all related)! The group consists of individuals of many backgrounds interested in social change and provides an opportunity for further learning and exploration.  You can click here to join and learn more prior to the workshop.

Legacy Plan

It's hard to feel fulfilled if your life seems chaotic.  It's no surprise that our internal states often mirror what we perceive externally.  We will work together in a supportive environment to learn ways of improving organized thinking.

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Meira Greenfeld

Welcome! I'm so excited about this workshop experience.  Though I've been involved in activism, advocacy and racial trauma healing work for many years as a Harvard lawyer, racial trauma coach and licensed trauma therapist, addressing the complexity of multi-racial identity in a way that honors the backdrop of slavery and racism has been a challenge.   There are a number of ways to approach this work, but my particular interest is in providing a framework that nurtures and normalizes this identity for those of African or Caribbean ancestry. 

My approach:  It might be hard to make the connection between identity and oppression, but identity is intrinsically linked to how we exist in public spaces which are racialized whether or not people are actually talking about race or racism.  It's not hard to have absorbed messages celebrating colorblind living especially when mixed-raced identity is often heralded as a manifestation of progress in a "melting-pot" society.  

While mixed race identity is certainly not an inevitable trajectory towards misery, my work helps participants understand identity within the context of gender, class, place and broader structural issues not always anticipated when we fall in love and think about raising families. 

I draw from decades of community work interacting with and providing services to diverse populations as legal counsel, an activist and trauma therapist.  My lived experience includes having navigated intersecting identities living in Europe, the United States and the Caribbean.  I'm accustomed to being the "go to" person in community health settings to provide services related to mixed-race identity work and this is a significant focus of my current private practice working with individuals, families and couples.

My story
: It's hard to do this work without unpacking my own intersecting identities. Some of my own vulnerability is exposing myself to the dreaded question "what are you?" That dread and all that it generates provided impetus for this workshop and some of my other work associated with multiracial/multiethnic identity exploring individual identity development or working with interracial couples.  

This workshop: In this workshop, I'm going to share with you strategies and skills for developing stable identity based on theory, practice and my lived experience shape shifting within a multiracial family and in different countries.

Connect with me: You can learn more about me and my work in my weekly podcast Keeping Company or on Instagram.


When is the workshop?
The workshop is Sunday, April 18, at  10:30 am PST; 5:30pm GMT.   Click here to check the time in your location.
What is the cost?
The workshop is $37 and 90 minutes.
What if I pay and can't make the workshop?
There are no refunds, but contact us for credit towards another workshop within 90 days.  You can still join the follow-up coaching call and receive any handouts/workbooks that may have been included.  
Help! I paid but can't find my registration link.  
Use the contact form for any queries or glitches.  A real human will connect with you.
When is the Q&A?

The Q&A is the following Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 9:15 am PST for 90 mins.

Can I get all this information on Google or in a Book?
All of my workshops are interactive and experiential meaning that they go way beyond curation of information. This means I offer lived experience working in communities and with individuals that provides the nuances that are often missing from texts.  So, the information is current and relevant.   Rather than general information,  I also include coaching that allows you time to reflect and ask questions pertinent to your unique situation.  It's not "won and done." You can continue to learn in a 350+member virtual community in which I engage weekly, and sometimes daily. 

How do I access the workshop?
Our workshop is conducted via Zoom. You can download the free app if you are using your phone or tablet. You can also access Zoom directly via a laptop or desktop computer.

Your Next Steps

Click the "I'm Ready" button below if you are ready to take decisive action to nurture your children's sense of self and identity as well as the identity and direction of your family with increased confidence.

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Mixed-Race Parenting Workshop

Ninety minute interactive and experiential group learning followed by an optional 90 minutes of Q & A session with your host on April 21, 2021.

37.00 USD

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