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Whether you are a practitioner or have experienced therapy as a client, or both, it’s likely that the training underlying theoretical approaches used for healing reflect and reinforce underlying power dynamics rooted in monocentrism and supremacy that perpetuate pathology. The conditioning runs so deep, even with post graduate training centered on embodied practices, it’s hard not to slip in and out of conditioning that is rooted well within psychology practices, thinking and research.

A checklist or information sheet regarding these practices is insufficient to dissolve generations of subconscious learning. It takes consistent practice to automate healthier behaviors and patterns of thinking.  More importantly, our lives are not static.  Learning is a process that unfolds over time in the context of our everyday interactions and daily activities.  

In this live session, we continue our "deep dive" in Breaking Chains & Healing Hearts to explore the impact of colonial thinking on our identities and how we might use the power of community to transform our lives so that we live attuned to our limits and resist tendencies that promote burnout.  In so doing, we perform anti-oppressive work that redefines "normal" and what is acceptable.

Discover and Practice an Empowering Approach to Preventing Burnout

Rest as an act of resistance, change & empowerment

The goal of this live session centered around "Breaking Chains, Healing Hearts: The Power of Decolonized Self-Care" is to reinforce a convenient way for mental health practitioners to expand their conceptualization of self-care beyond ideas limited to relaxation of vacation time to identify colonial hegemonic beliefs that are often internalized by practitioners and perpetuated by our training. 

Learn with Meira Greenfeld, a renowned activist, community leader, educator, clinician and attorney as she provides thought provoking inquiry to transform your thinking with respect to well-being, and in particular, how you understand the importance of rest.

She blends her deep knowledge of philosophical, ancestral and spiritual traditions with scientific research to enhance contemporary wisdom.

You Don't Have to Choose Between Self-Care and Social Justice

If you care about your personal and professional growth, you've probably already experienced or witnessed amazing instances of transformation and possibility.  However, even experienced professionals can struggle with new paradigms and get stuck or stressed when it comes to dealing with novel experiences.  If we have unresolved trauma or internalized bias, this can also make us susceptible to internalized prejudices and blind-spots.  

Besides, growth isn't linear.  This live review will continue the work of "Breaking Chains, Healing Hearts: The Power of Decolonized Self-Care" to introduce you to practices that can help shift your perspective over time.  

What's "On the Table" In The Live Review

Detailed Strategies I Use To Decondition

On the table for discussion: 

~ Critical thinking around "decolonization" and rethinking terms as context changes

~ Detailed behaviors that can mask colonial logic

~ A system for countering intellectualization of your self-care practice

~ Ways to slow down "mind racing," overthinking and impulsivity

~ How "Identity" affects self-care practice

~ What the power of community brings to self-care practice

We will also cover:

~ Questions from your review of "Breaking Chains, Healing Hearts: The Power of Decolonized Self-Care."

I Can't Wait to Work With You in This Upcoming Session!

Social activist and racial justice advocate

Meira Greenfeld, JD, LCSW, ASDCS, CTTP has been involved in activism and advocacy for decades having been inspired by the activism of her parents and grandparents who impacted many lives with their community work (e.g. opening a community grocery, paying for burials, providing scholarships and job training opportunities). Their work reflected an inherent respect for human dignity and resilience. Meira has witnessed and lived in places of active civil unrest that include the Caribbean and Israel.

Her experience of cross-cultural dynamics is informed by a mixed racial background and lived experience in five different countries that reflect opposing colonial experiences and perspectives regarding race and culture. She is a sought-after speaker and Harvard Law graduate with a passion for helping individuals transform despair, anger and frustration into actual and impactful change. She was a student of Professor Derrick Bell, the founder of Critical Race Theory from whom she learned Constitutional Law.  She most recently presented her workshop on Decolonizing Self-Care at Arizona State University's 24th Annual Summer Institute for Behavioral Health Workshop in Flagstaff, Arizona July 13, 2023.

Meira has over 15 years experience of conflict resolution and negotiation experience that includes working with entities such as IBM and Microsoft in addition to representational work as a Board Member of the Harvard Prison Legal Assistance Project which required her testimony at state proceedings following prison uprisings in Massachusetts.

She is also an experienced social activist with award winning community work for leadership and public service that includes work within the LGBTQ community acknowledged in Duke Law J. 1988 Feb; (1): 29-70 by Dr. Troyen A. Brennan, M.D., for research assistance on a study that advocated for greater access to health care for those diagnosed with AIDS early in the epidemic.

Her personal and professional experience with autism inform her passion to help autistics live quality lives to their full potential.  She believes that the entire message of neurodiversity challenges not only how we view autism but societal norms regarding how we are ‘supposed’ to think, behave and interact with the world. 

Meira is currently working in private practice as a licensed trauma psychotherapist specializing in C-PTSD, relational-based trauma, addiction, autism, identity cohesion and racial/intergenerational trauma. Her current aspiration involves expanding her practice to cultivate leadership among providers and community members. Among her goals, she wishes to support change that increases access to mental health services while also improving the conditions and terms under which providers work.  

If you are activist-minded and want to be involved in advocacy, particularly with respect to improving conditions for therapists, please join her in workshops, support her work, participate in online communities dedicated to advocacy work or listen to her podcast.  Willing collaborators and co-facilitators are especially welcome!

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